The Convert

I just read about a Muslim woman, born in the UK and lead into radical Islam by her Texan first husband. She made a long mental and physical journey, through Turkey and Syria, and provided for four children, ending up in a form of Christianity. What an Odyssey!

But she had God-given gifts that she was able to put to use. First of all, she was determined that she wasn’t going to put up with the low position in Islam that women have. Second of all, she was beautiful, which attracted a more intellectual American after she took her children and left her jihad-minded first husband. She now lives in Plano, Texas, a modern-minded community. Third, she spoke English and had a reasonable mind to evaluate such things as religion.

I mean to her, the concepts of Christianity were all new. Life opened up. But abandoning the ideas that made her wear a jihab was like being bathed in scalding water.

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