The Retiree

I don’t know of any other civilization that lets its octogenarians stop working and retire. Of course, millionaires do that in every civilization, but for the common man? True, it’s not for everybody, but it is something to work for. Western Civilization has even worked out institutions where the elderly are farmed out, relieving the offspring from what would be their duty.

But wouldn’t it be their duty in another civilization, too? Yes, Western Civilization has advanced beyond the others in its kindness to strangers, the poor, the disabled, but at home there’s still free will, and we can choose evil over good.

I know I would rather grow old among the people I know, here in the land of the Lord. I live among the people I helped to mature and to carry out the works of mercy and wisdom, and they are a joy to me. I misled nobody intentionally (God forgive me if I did; we never know how our actions will turn out). But its been a great Odyssey–my own!

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