The Offender

Hey, millennial, is humankind so bad now that you’re giving up? Leaving your religion, your admiration of key individuals, and becoming what they once called a misanthrope? It’s not just offenders like Hitler and Stalin, Marx and Mao (note the gradations of bad) but people who live near you? (The news thrives on offenders, remember.)

You mean good people no longer inspire you? I don’t just mean Jesus Christ or George Washington, but people you never heard of, like Henry Dunant, Clara Barton, Isaac Jogues, George Washington Carver, Niels Bohr, Chief Joseph, and the list goes on.

Well I know enough good people to keep me sane, to keep me facing reality, and I know enough about evolution to realize we all come from the swamp. I face each marvelous new day with some anticipation, and believe it or not, some wonder. I know how to keep myself from being an offender (that’s a hard-earned accomplishment), and that’s the merry way to which I intend to adhere. In this wonderful time of human festivity, it’s no insult to be called child-like.

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