The Effect of a Book

My first book, Raising Your Future, lay on her dining room table, probably ordered during Christmas week. I had stopped by to deliver a grocery order that I had offered to get for her, since Scrapple is not easy for non-Southerners to find in the North. She was the lady who had brought AMI Montessori schools to Long Island, and had rebuilt a Levittown edifice, a building probably valued at a million dollars. She is now ninety-one.

I don’t know what will become of that building once it is sold, but the northern Levittown neighborhood where it is located has recently received a boost in status with the opening of a well-designed church in that West Village Green area. The Maria Montessori School has contributed to the quality of Levittown education and to that of Long Island’s south shore, many graduates now buttressing this civilization as far away as Australia.

So it was satisfying to see that my book was still being read by people in the know, and was having an effect, perhaps into the distant future, and what I wrote for the people of Levittown (my son included) has reached a goal.

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