The Impossible

The impossible works out for simple, humble people — like me. When I was in high school I was all science, going to get a physics degree from an engineering college, going to get a Nobel Prize. But all my avenues shut down.

I floundered. Not only was I partially color-blind, but I tried to serve God, and he wouldn’t have it. I sat and thought. Who had been my first teachers? (the nuns) What had they taught me of value? They taught the little Swiss boy English — again! So why didn’t I become an English teacher? Yes, here was a little foreigner who wanted to become an English teacher!

He did his job for forty-one years and then, suddenly, he became an author of a book on raising children, an author of YA books, a novelist, a science writer, a religious writer, and now a blogger. Do go to . That website is part of the supreme mystery of the universe, beyond the dark matter, beyond the Milky Way, beyond the black holes, at peace among the daffodils, the dandelions, the crickets and the alpine goats.

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