Treating the Little Woman

It was called the Finer Diner, and it offered better than diner fare, with of course, bigger than diner prices. It is run by a master chef who wants to do something different. Not far from where I live, it’s on Hempstead Turnpike near Levittown. “24 North” it’s called (notice all the classy eateries on Long Island are north).

I thought it was the place for a classy woman. I don’t take her out that often, but when I do, it’s got to be worthwhile. She chose Fish ‘n Chips, with a Caesar salad, and that fit my prescribed menu, so I did the same. The place had a patrician venue. They served wine in a tumbler (no stems to break) and with the sun streaming in the south windows, I felt I was doing something for the woman to whom I owe so much. I do honor my commitments.

Life is not supposed to be a joy ride–the road can be displeasing. But if it’s done out of gratitude, not only does it become pleasurable, but we believe the payoff is beyond reckoning. The final bill was something I could easily manage, so I’m taking her there again.

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