A million Muslims being assimilated into Western Civilization! How tremendously difficult. Yet Angela Merkel was the one who assumed this heroic task by accepting them, New Testamentwise, into Germany. What a cost! As an American accustomed to assimilation, I know from Minnesota and Michigan how difficult it is to assimilate Muslims in this way.

The body of those immigrants elected representatives to the U.S. Congress, where they continually embarrass the Democrats with their anti-Semitic remarks and such Seventh-Century customs as wearing a hijab. The willingness of their children to support such foreign cults as ISIS and al-Shabaab rather than the free country (and I mean free) which accepted them is an illustration of their backwardness in adapting to new circumstances.

Angela Merkel stood out as a woman who would put out her hand for a stranger, nay, love her enemies, and so far, I think it’s working. There are no news from Germany of mass terrorism, and the German police have the customary number of lawbreakers well in hand. Is this a modern miracle?

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