Full Cycle

I am now one of the people Jesus helped — the old, feeble, the halt, the lame. Gone the confident athlete, gone the pertinent physics student, gone the ambitious suitor. Yes, no need to despair, to get depressed. It’s part of the life cycle, and I can look back with some satisfaction that I cooperated with some of the chances, opportunities spread out before us by the creator of this magnificent civilization. Of course, nobody could avail himself of them all.

I so hope I can close that small chapter in this universe with dignity, with grace, with generosity, even as I felt generosity. I don’t have the means to be a philanthropist, but there may be someone who is glad I lived. Oh, I’m glad you live or lived; life would have been a lot less without you. You may have no idea what you contributed. But I have an inkling.

And how can I ever repay you unless there is life hereafter? I need an eternity to pay off my joys, happinesses, even small favors. Don’t doubt it; you’ll get paid.

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