Human Brain

Yes, some say it is the peak of Creation; nothing excels it in the universe (so far). Look how far it reaches, and in only a few cases, how far off the track it goes. It can earn enough to sustain it and others, and it can lose its way in a labyrinth not even doctors can unravel. It’ll be content with what is apparent, or it’ll soar in spirals of poetry and art like the eye has not seen, nor the ear heard.

We have all heard of dead ends, yet sometimes we fail to recognize them. History if full of them — there are the followers of Jim Jones drinking Kool-Aid in the jungle, the believers in the Ptolemaic solar system, the minions of Adolf Hitler and Karl Marx. It’s the matter of one thought, and you’ve lost the originator of life or his Son.

But hey, don’t despair. You find him in the song of a bird, the bud of a flower, a moment of a sunny spring day. I find him in my son’s accomplishments, all of them in some way traceable to the sometimes unknowing things I’ve done. Yes, dear one, we are not always aware of the ramifications of what we do, for our brain has to unscramble a lot, a lot.

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