The New Generation

I believe in them. I see them doing good when the news catches some of them. I see them in my son. I worked hard for them in my career, and they did give me a vacation or two. True, I did work my vacations, but it was exhilarating. Great stories — teaching is not all drudge work.

I don’t pay attention to the new college kids. That’s what they still are, kids. You have to let them feel the knocks of life, the losses, the failures. Then they’ll produce, nurture, fashion, make. Life is not all sorrow, pain, insurmountable obstacles. It seems to have been designed by an all-knowing genius.

I am in awe not just of quantum mechanics, but now the new divisions of time, as uncovered by Israeli graduate researchers. And then there’s the complicated human social history — dealing with creatures who have free will, the choice of good and evil. Which will they choose?

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