Infinite Brain

Of course it’s a little far-fetched, but neuroscientists who research the brain at Harvard have started to call the human brain infinite. This is a distinction from the evolutionists who classify us with the “mammalian brain” of, say, the chimpanzees. I’d say the Harvard men are not far off the mark, with the implicit acknowledgement that there is something in the human brain intended by a Creator.

They have been accumulating piles and piles of data on the human brain, which enables them to describe it, but as one neurologist said, “We’ll never understand it.” And you pester me with the phrase, “It’s only a mammalian brain.”

So you’re going to go with the archeologists and paleontologists, who know little about synapses and dendrites. And you’re going to ignore the fact that I’m pointing out that there is something of the divine in you.

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