At the beginning of my career, I was wrapped one day in my own thoughts, and I decided to take a very radical step. I was in a chapel in what Catholics call “the real Presence” (the Eucharist) and the decision met with all kinds of opposition, from parents to the parish priest. I regretted that decision, but somehow, it turned out all right (after years of trial.)

I have now, in my old age, gotten to see that it was just the method God uses to show us a better way. The human brain, despite what some neurologists say, is not infinite, and cannot always grasp the best way out of a numberless choice. But the end result is magnificent for the believer.

What is life, if not an adventure? Wasn’t that it? As a child I gloried in the stories of Sir Walter Scott, of Mark Twain, of Edgar Allan Poe. Was I going to turn down the opportunity for something like that?

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