He took the rhubarb roots I had dug up with effort for him years ago and threw them out with the weeds. He didn’t realize they were good for other seasons. With the price of rhubarb what it is, we needed some rhubarb to make that pie with strawberries or even apples. I solved that problem for him. They were on sale here on Long Island.

That’s what friends are for; they get us out of tough scrapes. He was a retired teacher like me, and getting older as is the custom with all of us. We make mistakes and they seem irretrievable, and then along comes a friend. Don’t you like it when an error becomes a base hit or a home run? Now he can grow more rhubarb with new roots, or bulbs, as they call them.

I revel in that kind of situation. How would we learn without friends or people to set things straight? Sure, there’s divine intervention, but how many of us have experienced that? Or if we have, who realizes it?

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