State of the Union Speech

Donald Trump delivered the finest speech I have ever heard in the Capitol. Not only was it fiery, but it contained the right amount of pathos, love, criticism, awe and the rest of the human emotions. It contained news sparsely covered, if at all, by The New York Times or The Washington Post because of bias (for understandable reasons).

What gives me the right to judge that speech? For forty-one years students competed for grades in my English classroom based on their ability to give a speech. I was, as far as I know, the only person to ever institute a school-wide oratorical contest at Division Ave. High School in Levittown.

I don’t base my judgment on the orator’s character in this case. But that aside, the man seems to be a reformed sinner. According to me (I am 85 years old), if you act like a reformed sinner, speak like a reformed sinner, and look like a reformed sinner, you are a reformed sinner.

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