Not a Politician

It’s happened before, most recently with Ike (General Eisenhower), but the Democrats’ reaction to a non-politician in the White House has been horrific. I’m glad Pres. Trump stuck to accolades for his coworkers and stayed largely away from his personal experience in his talk (not a speech) following his impeachment acquittal. We are all learning to take another person as they are, if we haven’t done that yet as in the Our Father.

True, what we expect of someone we meet as a stranger should not be as high as what we expect of friends. But we ought to forgive our President, even if he has not met our expectations for a demanding job. What gets me is, why did he have to tell us himself what he has done, with all the newspapers, magazines, and television programs in this country? Because he was lying, you say?

Hardly. A man from Western Civilization may be prone to exaggerate, according to his personality, but he knows better than to lie to people who are in the know. Trump, more than anyone else recently, has alerted us to “Fake News.” As a matter of fact, that’s now become a byword.

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