Copy Cats

The non-Western world has been quick to copy many of the advances of Western Civilization. After Thomas Edison invented the electric light, China soon had electrified cities, and the clothes made in India and Bangladesh soon bore velcro, invented by George de Mestral, a Swiss. Some, like Russia, (which barely makes it as a Western civilization) have been set back by Socialism or autocracy, and that can cause a preventive economy (bankruptcy).

But have they copied the essentials, the philosophy, the thing that made Western Civilization the hotbed of technical and social advancement? To some extent, the answer is yes. South Korea, with its manufacturing and technical advancement, has become largely Christian, abandoning the religion of what was once a backward nation.

But what about nations that founder? Do we have them in the West? Look at Cuba, Venezuela, and because of an earlier choice toward non-dictatorial communism, Haiti. May the nations that copied use these gifts as a means to help their struggling people.

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