Black Cherry Bourbon

Though I sometimes like a bourbon on the rocks, I seldom drink. But today we walked into a homemade ice cream store and I had an ice cream called Black Cherry Bourbon. It’s amazing what delights are available to the citizens of Western Civilization. It made my day.

It was chocolate ice cream with black cherries and the taste of bourbon. It must have been expensive to make. But the small tub from which the sales girl scooped it was almost empty, so it must have become popular since I last tried it, last fall. That was half a year ago. Yes, all the Creator made (he made the people who made that delectable) was good, though man with the choice of good over evil sometimes messes things up.

I have no problem with that, but I do have a problem with guys like Nietzsche, Marx, Lenin — a few troublemakers — but hey, when my hands weren’t figuratively tied I settled them in class (Only kidding).

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