To Be Right

First as a student, then as a teacher, I’ve longed to be right. Don’t you want to be part of the truth, the way, the life? It is heaven to make a statement you believe is right, and then have the Almighty prove it, simply, to be right, even if by chance.

Isabel Allende, the author (24 books), used to say Jesus Christ was always on the left. She was partly right. I make the statement: Jesus Christ was always in the right, whether on the right or on the left. You get what I mean by having chance (history, here) prove you’re right? Would you could all have that feeling!

If you live the right life, how can you miss? Teacher said. I have so many rights to be thankful for. But now in my old age, don’t talk to Freddy, he knows too many times when I’ve been wrong.

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