The New Tooth

Teeth are so important. Back when the Innuit lived alone in the Arctic Circle, when a grandmother lost sufficient teeth to prevent her from softening the skin garments her family used, she would isolate herself on an ice floe and drift out to sea, to be gone from her loved ones in an inconspicuous way. Survival was harsh in the frozen north.

When my granddaughter got a new tooth, it was an occasion of joy. And you know what, when my son bought me a few new teeth (removable bridge) it was the same for me. I could now eat without fear of choking.

I am glad we brought the Innuit into civilization in Alaska. I don’t know how they’ll manage it (removable bridges are pricey) but at least now there’s a chance those grandmas can get other ways to soften the garments, or better yet, buy warm garments.

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