The Mind

The mind is the product of the brain, at least so we believe. I have to cajole it to stay upbeat, for it will not automatically stay cheerful. There are several ways to do this, starting with seeking out cheerful company. There are some people who see the fun in life, and they share it for a good laugh. If you’re alone, you can seek out fun reading, like Reader’s Digest jokes. And if you like doing something such as writing, by all means do it!

And what is a good deed for another if it does not pick you up? That may not always work, because good deeds cost, if not money, at least effort, which may leave you embarrassed. Learning how to count the successful outcomes of the day is a positive approach you can cultivate.

Have you ever tried to help someone, and left your spouse or a relative on the short end as a result? Tell me about it. What a bad outcome! Fortunately, that happens very seldom. But through it all, we learn to govern our moods and to some extent, our thoughts.

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