The Upright Life

Yesterday I spoke to a man who is almost as old as I am (86).  He has achieved more goals than I.  He has a Ph.D., he’s had two beautiful wives, he has successful children, and his health isn’t so bad that he can’t get around.  What more can you ask of life?

Well, that’s not it, but although you’ve trained yourself to seek, don’t seek any more of the material things.  You’ve provided for two mature women, you’ve provided a name, and to a family your upright presence was important – you abandoned none of them.  Oh yes, you did divorce the second wife, a big mistake.  But we all make big mistakes.  Look at King David, big mistake with lots of nasty repercussions.  Yet he is revered today for his greatest descendant, born, we believe, on December 25, 0001 (Yes, that’s an actual date).

Remember, God’s ways are not our own, and in the end, life has a slew of surprise endings, far better than O.Henry’s.  Nobody ever evaluated the upright life.

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