By Chance

Scientifically, we know nothing happens by chance. We just don’t have the time or inclination to search out the causes of everything. Even dice come up with a number based on the convergence of the edges, weight, and force used in throwing them. So we say it happens by chance. There are those who still insist the universe happened by chance. Oh, face-saving deduction!

All that beauty, awesome formations of stars, all those natural laws, all adding up to confound our puny reason (which is, at the same time, the only reason in the universe so far)! That the mind, the human mind, could be the result of a simple explosion of a primeval atom is a staggering thought. You don’t see a celestial hand behind all this beauty and puzzlement?

You know too little. Some of the creatures of the oceans are downright ugly, according to us, and so offset the beauty we see in a flower or cloud formations. And if we witnessed all this alone, it would lose its delight, its flavors. So thanks for your company, even if you disagree.

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