There was a boy who thought Cuba had the ideal government—1936 cars and all, plus 1936 medical care for all, except of course the ruling communists.  He thought Karl Marx’s good intentions were manifest in Cuba, not realizing that the only place they had ever existed without a dictatorship to support them was in Haiti.  Yes, poor maligned Haiti, the only country where socialism made a stand without dictatorship.  They’re still recovering from that dog-eat-cat situation now.

That boy grew old and became a presidential candidate in the world’s most advanced democracy, the only place he’d have a chance.  People are still beguiled by Karl Marx’s seducing promises, even after the failure of the Soviet Union.  (And they even had a dictatorship to support them.)

You have to realize that bleeding heart liberalism is no way to even try to survive in a primitive social setting, where the tenets of modern civilization no longer prevail.  Accept that you are a child of Western Civilization, and don’t give atavism a foothold.

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