It’s a word that shows how some people misread their fellow human beings. Karl Marx and Friedrich Nietzsche did not think very highly of Western Civilization, while Leonardo Boff and Gustavo Gutierrez (Liberation theology) thought in salutary terms of those two aforementioned rascals. People reflect the good that we associate with God or the bad we associate with some of his namesakes like Allah.

Sure, every man or woman contains some good. It is as certain as the rising sun, but the question is, which will predominate in a person, the good or the bad? We speak of a final judgment, but when will that come? Until then, all bets are off.

For myself, I want to play it with a certain certainty on what has been considered good for centuries. There are some situations in life where you want to be sure. My wife says I take too many risks while driving the car.

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