De Vos

Barack Obama surpassed Pres. Trump in oratory, but Pres. Trump is way ahead as a man of action.  That’s why, although I’ve been an educator since before I was an adult, I favored Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education.  I have been a public school teacher for thirty-one years, and teacher in a Montessori School for ten years.  I want the public schools of America to succeed, and I realize that what they need is competition.

The Charter schools will pass away. They are mom-and-pop shops that have no future. But there is another, impressive parallel school system here in America that would give the public schools the healthy competition they need, and that is the American Catholic Schools. They outdo any similar school system worldwide, and are a unique development of Western Civilization, of which America is part. Betsy DeVos’ voucher system would enable these schools to give our public schools the competition they need, even among themselves, and ensure the survival of two outstanding American developments.

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