Good People

I was on the check-out line at a supermarket, and I had two gallon jugs of spring water. The clerk was a new lady who picked up one of the jugs and asked, “Are you sure you want distilled water?” Suddenly I remembered my high school science teacher saying, “Distilled water drains the body of minerals, and you don’t want to drink it.” She had saved me from my carelessness, and I didn’t even know her.

There are people like that, and they are, thank God, prevalent in today’s society. I don’t know if the influence of Western Civilization is spreading, but there seem to be less people who think only of themselves. There are fewer “me, me, me” people, so we must be maturing.

In the time of coronavirus, people like that can be lifesavers. I want to use this column to thank them.

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