Laboratory test after test has proved that the white man is NOT superior to the other races on planet earth.  So how has his civilization, called Western Civilization, proved superior to the other civilizations on earth?  I think the answer is in the man who left his mark on that civilization, namely Jesus Christ, whose conquering of death we celebrate today.

You might say Western Civilization is a Judeo-Christian civilization, acknowledging its source, and its tumultuous history acknowledges the origin of man from a wild denizen of South Africa to an enlightened follower of the Son of Man (that’s what Christ called himself).  Well, today we celebrate his rising from the dead.  Nobody else could have accomplished that kind of impact on a civilization.

So it wasn’t natural resources, the climate, or the water that aided Western Civilization.  It was access to something we call divine.  And we’ve spread it all around.

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