Riding the Tide

At eighty-six you forget many things, the important and unimportant. But you don’t fight it; you ride with it as you ride the incoming tide on a sunny day at the beach. Why fight it? Comes a fine spring day and it will cease, it will all yield to brighter meadows, old friends, an uplifting of spirits.

I just got a call from my youngest brother–so cheerful, more so than for a year. It made my day. You can be sure I didn’t forget it. He’s an octogenarian now too, and I’m glad he’s found the good parts. There’s an old prayer that asks the Lord to change some of the things we cannot change, and for the grace to know the difference.

The sun came out this evening, and I watched it set through my living room window. Yes, I’m ecstatic that I have a living room, a one-and-a-half easy chair, and a lovely wife. Sunset can be the nicest time of the day.

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