During this pandemic, there are those who do what the English call yeoman work, that is they bear the brunt of exposure to the coronavirus. I don’t mean the doctors and nurses in the ICU, who are working to exhaustion and emotional breakdown. There are those who have calm and regulated jobs, like the cashiers in the supermarket.

Today I was on line, waiting to be served by Kulwinder, an agreeable Indian woman, equipped with face mask and latex gloves and protected by a transparent screen. Besides the groceries, I needed two cards of twenty stamps each, and she only had one in the register. Do you know, she could have told me that was all she had, but knowing I now ration my visits to the supermarket, she walked the length of a football field to get me that second set.

In my average ways I appreciate the acts of human kindness evoked by the coronavirus. I don’t pretend to see behind God’s ways, but I do see an upgrade in human generosity.

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