The Klutz

He was one of the cheeriest persons I knew.  He greeted me with an infectious smile and gladly set to work.  He was part of a house-cleaning team that my wife had to hire when she got too old for the work.  But they had to let him go.

Unfortunately, though he could dust and mop furiously, he was what my Yiddish-speaking friends call a klutz—things would break unpredictably in his hands.  We had an unconventional light switch, a room-darkener; it broke when he dusted it.  He happily found a job in construction.  Not much you can break mixing cement.

There is something for all of us in this universe.  The laws of physics can even be understood by the simple—what goes up must come down.  But some of the gifts the Lord gives out benefit everybody through the gift-giver.  Thank you, father and mother of the Wright brothers.

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