Coronavirus is Real

One thing this pandemic reminds me of: I might die — soon. My mortality has never been more real. Do I have some unsaid things about and to a companion of my life, my wife? And that even longer companion, my God? The things I say to that last companion are not personal, so here goes.

I’ll start with some questions. What can I do with the unachieved goals of my life? I know they didn’t offend you, but I made some big presentations, the later ones on my own, and, I think, fell short. What if I tackled something too big for me? Do you still hold me responsible?

I so want to bring friends with me into your kingdom, called heaven. But some are bent on another path. What do I do? Some of them think, despite QM (Quantum Mechanics), that what I say is real, is not real. How do I prove that it is real? They don’t understand QM.

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