A Good Deed

We are in pandemic times, and there’s nothing more important than a good deed. I found myself in Elmont today, and as eighty-six year old men do, I needed a bathroom. Restaurants are only open for take-out, and Loretta answered my request by driving up to one called Lilo’s Pizzeria and Restaurant. There was a man standing by the front door when I tried to enter, and he pointed to a sign that said, “Entry only for customers.” I looked at him in desperation. “But where will I go to the bathroom?” I asked.

He was over fifty. He knew what I was talking about, so he entered before me and spoke to the manager. Done. I was shown the restroom and was happy as a lark. It was a kind deed that is usually not mentioned, but it was still a bond created between two otherwise disinterested human beings.

I am not that well acquainted with Roman literature written in BC, but I’d venture to say that good deed literature did not encourage people before the New Testament, written about 75 AD. For some reason, that marks a change.

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