The Canadian writer, William Gairdner, hinted in his Epoch Times article that the two kinds of socialism, national socialism (fascism), and international socialism (communism) both require a dictatorship to keep them going. Bernie Sanders visited Canada, and was impressed by their socialized medicine. But you pay for socialism — either you or your children are saddled with taxes and more taxes. Look at what happened to the Soviet Union. China, in the meantime, has converted to capitalism and runs a capitalistic socialized dictatorship, so far. And no social dictatorship tolerates a free, formative religion like Christianity.

Of course we came close to a Canadian form of medicine (Obamacare). In a recent year, 60,000 Canadians left the country to seek medical care in other countries. Unless you are a Canadian worker whose job is vital for running the country, you may have to wait a year for your medical treatment. Is that the kind of medical care you want in the world’s most scientifically advanced nation? The much touted European socialists are being replaced, at last report.

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