Kingdom Come

One day last year at this time, the Red Oak (the mature leaves are similar, but I had mistaken it for a Black Oak) astounded me. All its splendor of reddish immature leaves burst forth on the same day, leaving it in the glory of the noon day sun. It was like a second coming.

Despite this year’s pandemic, I am looking for that again. True, the pandemic doesn’t leave much to be anticipated — there are some people who are starving — but maybe it’ll bring out the best in other people, like a splendor of reddish leaves, and the starving will be fed. I have done what I could at the risk of being called spendthrift by one dear to me, whose care is in my hands, and I don’t want that moniker.

We live in Western Civilization, and the going has always been easier in our Judeo-Christian culture. Let’s hope we come through again.

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