Peace’s Results

Although I come from a family from which a tradition of mercenary soldiers may have been recruited as far back as 1500 AD, I love peace and its fruits.  It is during peace that the Galileos discover the solar system, and the Wright brothers discover flight.  Pres. Trump was feared for getting us into war, yet he was a backslapper with Kim Jong Un, and a handshaker with Pres. Xi, who gave us the coronavirus in return.

I do believe that war is justifiable under certain circumstances, for instance, against the terrorists who behead Christians.  And they do this against the people who offer them the knowhow of getting along.

But a Thomas Edison doesn’t prosper if the winds of war ration his food.  Life is too varied to be spent killing others.  So let me do my thing – pray to the Father of a great Brother and us all.  

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