Acknowledging the Spiritual

One spring day I saw a feral cat come out from under the tarp with which I had covered the patio furniture, which it had used as a part time winter home, as I found out on uncovering it all.  The tarp had come all the way to the ground and had, for a cat, a scary way of blowing its folds in the wind.  She had used a seat cushion for a bed, a decision she made probably sometime after I winterized the patio.

That cat, to me, was somewhere on a midpoint between a rock and something spiritual. (You don’t believe in the spiritual?  Well, is knowledge material?)  The cat shows order, some discernment, and some planning.  Humans have ascended that ladder to an even higher point.

You really think the human mind is the highest known point of intelligence in the universe?  Who made the stuff we’re still discovering?  Chance?  Then you’d say chance has an intelligence higher than we.  Whom am I dealing with?

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