Our Heritage

There’s no doubt William Golding wrote a great novel with his Lord of the Flies. It pinpointed humankind’s plausible fallen nature in a troop of British schoolkids. But haven’t we come some distance since the year one? Hasn’t Western Civilization changed with the advent of the Jewish Redeemer?

Then there were those six Polynesian boys, stranded for fifteen months on a desert isle. They were from a Catholic school in Tonga, and they behaved far more advanced than William Golding thought boys would behave. They had been educated with the best thoughts Western Civilization could offer through that Catholic school, and believe me, if they were bored, nevertheless they performed. The doctors who examined them in the hospital after the rescue said they had set their fellow’s broken leg bone perfectly, and they had not killed one another like Golding’s boys.

So dare one say that Western Civilization’s heritage has advanced humankind? Certainly those six Polynesian boys proved it. By the way, they paid for the stolen sailboat with the money they earned from making a documentary of their spree. That was done through Captain Peter Warner, their rescuer.

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