Prayers Answered

I believe prayers are answered, one way or the other. In grammar school I developed a crush on a particular girl in my class, and I prayed that she’d like me. Well, my prayer was answered and I think I won her affection. We went to the same high school, and came prom time, I asked her to go with me. She turned me down, two years in a row.

I thought my prayer had been answered, back in grammar school. What was this? As an adult, I saw the Lord had been watching out for her too, not just me. And for me, it was a wise outcome, too. We pray, “Thy kingdom come,” and that includes all of us. It was a wise outcome for my fervent prayer.

We just don’t see it all. We have finite consciousness, and are limited in our knowledge. Even a wiser mentor makes sure we don’t always get our way.

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