They taught us to turn to the Lord.  I’m writing about the nuns of my elementary education.  Let’s see what the universal judge did when a petition was laid at his feet.  My little brother, Rudy, was bullied in elementary school.  My mother decided to take matters into her own hands and requested to see the nun in charge of the class, to let her speak to the oppressing boy.

The nun demurred, not wanting to let the boy confront an adult, but finally my mother prevailed.  She spoke to the lad about what he was doing, and then pulled out a bag of candy bars (Swiss chocolate?) and thrust them into his hands.  The stomach is close to the heart, and similar actions had succeeded with my mother on our train trip through occupied France to Lisbon.

The little bully didn’t realize what good fortune had befallen him, because in later years Rudy grew up to be a 6’8” mountain (he had been taught to forgive by the same nun) and was recruited by the Boston College basketball coach to be his first string center to control the key to the opposing court.  Talk about the ways of the Lord.

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