The lesson of this fairy tale is often lost – that the less appreciated among us are often the most valuable.  Who would have thought that my little brother, who only played amateur league basketball in high school, would someday play as  first string center for Boston College at Madison Square Garden?  He was later sidelined by a retina problem.  Did that stop him?  No, he went on to become the first Ph.D. in our family.

There was some providence in there.  I had wanted to go to Boston College, and that’s how seeds are sown.  He was in the right place at the right time.  Say no more about providence; the Lord had things sewed up for higher education.

We don’t believe there is a wonderful ending waiting for us; we don’t see it because of life’s problems.  But my youngest brother never blinked.  He just went ahead with full confidence, and though life threw him some curve balls later in times at bat, the history stands.

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