Jesus’ Wife

Sue Monk Kidd has written a fiction (note: fiction) story on Jesus’ supposed wife, Ana.  As Sue says, “I thought if Jesus’ wife ever existed, she’d be the most silenced  woman in Western history.”  Baloney!

If Jesus’ wife ever existed, we’d have no Jesus.  He’d have deferred to her so much, to keep her self-image intact, that his followers would have been lost, allowed to go their merry, fateful ways.  After all, she’d be number one on his to-do list.  You want to keep your dependents happy.  We’re all precious in the sight of God, and Christian tradition teaches that Christ, in a mysterious way, was God.

I want to commend Sue on her four-year effort.  Such utilization of the imagination does not come easy.  Hopefully it will give us a new insight into the Mystery that was Jesus.

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