An Announcement

The pandemic may even have good news, if we follow the human tendency to find good from evil.  See what you think of the following:

  1. People are seeing, by the process of elimination, the good things in their lives, like family, friends, the kindness of strangers, the kindness of healthcare workers;
  2. Faced with the seeming unsolvable, people are admitting there may be an extraterrestrial solution – God  (even those who think electrons have consciousness);
  3. People are turning to self-correction: if you’re going to leave this life early, why not play safe?
  4. Maybe the view that life is hell and then you die has shortcomings;
  5. Some people now want to leave something besides money and bad example; we do want some purpose in life;
  6. The world is still beautiful; the bluebird still sings;
  7. The pandemic shows some politicians’ idea of the common good;
  8. Prisoners see the pandemic as a way out;
  9. We are more conscious of good hygiene – wash those hands;
  10. We’re not alone; we’re all in this together.

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