The First Misstep

What started the decomposition of Rudolph Giuliani?  Was it entropy on a human level?  He went to one of the same colleges I did, and they taught him the same moral standards they taught me.  Did it start with his first marriage, the big A—for adultery?  Something like that can make a man lose his direction and orientation.

You lose one sighting of the pole star, and it you don’t know the sky (life), all the other stars just confuse you.  Rudy, you’re fighting yourself, and if you think it’s all relative, I ask you, relative to what?  That’s why there’s only one pole star.

Rudolph has been floundering ever since he left his first wife and children.  He had great talent, and was called America’s mayor, but when you forget that you’re relying on the guidance of a Holy Spirit, you think it’s you, and you forget your insignificance — what then?

Rudy, I pray for you and your reunion with the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

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