Black Hole

Is your mind a virtual black hole?  Is it sucking everything into an obsession with pot or sex?  Is your reading what one reviewer called “deliciously filthy”?  I don’t know if that has a place in the history of humankind, but I’ve looked down that path and seen nothing but mental anguish and pain.  No fanfic (fan fiction) writing for me.

I’ve seen pictures of a real black hole, as much as they can gather, and to me it’s not just a useful metaphor, but another wonder of the Almighty.  My schooling has been a tour of the wonders of the universe, everything from the bombardier beetle to the mating flight of the robin.  And I have seen the effects of what I call evil, the human susceptibility to drugs and sex.

Still, I love Nature, including human nature, and I have been made part of the struggle for the right way, the joyful way.  I love to see the triumphal march (usually in a wheelchair) of people who have conquered coronavirus or some other disease.  Usually they haven’t done it alone.

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