We teach without realizing that so much of our behavior has been taken over by the subconscious mind, that when we hear the results years and years later, we say, “Did I say that?”  We may be surprised that our teaching had an effect we didn’t realize, something better than we thought.

That is what I call the influence of a Holy Spirit.  How do we know what’s right in a given situation?  We are creatures of habit as well as of instinct.  One of humankind’s crowning achievements is the development of reason.  We thought we had that accomplished.  And now there’s QM (Quantum Mechanics); we’re still trying to assess the mind of God.  Good luck, humankind.

As Einstein let us know, so much is hidden in the simple things of life.  My granddaughter, when asked what her mother wants for her birthday, would say, “Ask her.”

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