Life’s Turns

Paul did not want to go to Fairfield, though in the end I am happy he did.  I don’t ask much of a university.  All I ask it for a boy is that they keep the flame of his self-educative instinct alive, and Fairfield did.  He went there despite his protest because they offered me a financial package, for a teacher I guess, and so Paul was on his way.

He did indeed have that self-educative instinct.  He crossed the USA hitchhiking, got into trouble in California (I bailed him out), and came home to earn a Master’s degree with money he earned as a librarian at New York Tech.

And then!  He became an adjunct English professor at New Jersey’s Paterson University in northern New Jersey, surpassing his father, and rounding out a life that left only a few achievements to be conquered.  God bless that son!

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