The Scapegoat

He was called a momma’s boy, but the name hardly stuck, because outstanding virtue obliterates shortcomings.  His mother was lame and arthritic, lived in a town-subsidized apartment, and was a widow.  But he was there regularly with groceries and to run a million errands for her.

What were his shortcomings?  He never mustered the energy to court a girl, to be polite to strangers, to advance beyond assistant to the president of a security firm, or to go on a vacation where he could meet a girl.  He was just run-of-the-mill.  But some people loved him.  They saw the great service he performed, and that blanked out any shortcomings, right?

Wrong.  It took the turn we’ve seen with our President.  He’s done great things for this nation, but people mock him for his tweets, for his impetuous statements, for his lack of courtesy.  What he has to endure is almost Biblical.

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