I owe God nothing but thanks – thanks for everything I ever had.  Yes, I owe Him for great parents, for great schooling, wonderful interests, amazing women (whom I never really knew or understood), the high school captaincy of the basketball varsity, the presidency of my class, fantastic teachers, clean air, clean water, and the list goes on.  I lack only the knowledge of how to return the favor.

I worked thirty-one years in the public schools of this nation of idealistic men and women, and an additional ten for good measure in a private school, but that is far from enough.  In attempting a thank you, I got a novel on the Amazon best seller list (only for a day or two) – how do you thank a God who keeps giving?

In my declining years I owe him for a few sincere friends and a wife more stellar than the stars; what more dare I ask?  Must I go to my grave an ingrate?

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