Of my two brothers and me, I am the only one who’s not divorced.  It was a good thing Covid -19 is keeping us from church, because in this Sunday’s gospel Christ has some sharp things to say about divorce.  I’m with him and his impetuous ways – that quote about plucking out your eye – He knew we weren’t going to do that.  I, too, have contemplated divorce, but I can’t see treating Loretta in such a brutal manner.  Christ was right.  Except in cases of abuse, the divorce does more harm than good.

Human ingenuity at solving marital problems is better than what we credit it.  Sometimes a prolonged separation works, where one or both have to reach a higher plane of thought.  I have seen this work many years after separation.  Trying to make it alone in a rash judging world can do a lot.

If only you could see the wonderful transformations time makes in a self-involved human being.  You’d agree with Christ: better to cut it off than spend an eternity in Gehenna.  Divorce usually destroys.

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