Always value the free gifts of the Lord, like talent, riches, and rhubarb.  Yes, rhubarb.  A friend of mine developed a liking for that succulent stem, which makes delicious pies alone or when combined with strawberries or other fruit , and so, when I sold my house, since the new owner had no appreciation for my raspberries, linden tree and rhubarb, I dug up the six rhubarb roots and gave them to my friend.  He grew them, but neglected to weed the plot.  One day, in a clean-up mood, he weeded the garden and threw the rhubarb roots out with the weeds.

He had gotten them free, and so, like the Lord’s gifts, he didn’t know their value.  Recently he recalled that rhubarb taste, and asked me where he could get fresh roots.  I had to tell him they now sell for $31.00 per root, so that’s roughly $200, with tax, for another six.

I wonder if I am as profligate with my gifts?

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